Hi there! Nice to meet you! Thanks for your interest in my story! Let's talk a little bit about m'self first..

My name is Lucia Maria Flores (aka Lucie), a vegan & eco-friendly fashion designer and artist. I'm the founder of The Bohemian Dream, a one woman company in the Netherlands, where I was born and raised. I love everything eco-friendly, organic and vegan. I'm obsessed with animals, healthy plant-based cooking and Star Wars. In my free time, I love to play Xbox & World of Warcraft #geekgirl, listen to System of a Down and teach myself how to play guitar. I also paint and draw as much as I can! Recently I started a YouTube channel as well, called UpcycLucie, where I post a mix of upcycling tutorials and plant-based recipes (this is where you can really get to know me, ha!), a new path in my life that I very much enjoy.

The Bohemian Dream Lucia Flores


I grew up in a Hippie environment, as a child of free-spirited parents, with no boundries and limitless ways to express my creativity through any kind of art. As a child, I went to Waldorf school where I was taught to learn with heart, soul and hands, to truly find my identity and place in this world. Here we were taught to nuture our planet and all life, be kind to animals, the environment and one another.

I've always been an artist in my heart and soul. I knew since childhood I wanted to be free to express myself artistically in any kind of way. It took me quite a while to figure out which way I wanted to go in life, I worked different jobs, studied Fashion Design, but finally ended up doing something that truely reflected my personal lifestyle, values and goals: upcycling, recycling old materials, creating one of a kind wearable art and helping the environment at the same time.

The Bohemian Dream handmaking process
The Bohemian Dream handmaking process

Why "The Bohemian Dream"?

One of the reasons why I started designing clothing made soley from recycled materials was really simple; I aboslutely didn't want to be part of the fashion industry as it exists today. The pollution, the contamination of our soil, the exploitation and waste... what the hell are we doing to our planet? Why would you buy something new if there's already so much beautiful clothing around? Throwing away usable clothing and replacing it with something new just really didn't make sense to me. It pollutes our earth and with that we are polluting ourselves. With the little time I have on earth, I want to do something good and try to make a positive change, to hopefully inspire others to follow.

Bohemian doesn't stand for “Bohemian style” in my life. I live an unconventional life, free as an artist, close to nature, with love, respect and compassion for all life on earth. My dream for the future is that we can all follow this way of life, so our planet can heal from what we have destroyed. This is what the Bohemian Dream respresents.

Happy Healthy Earth

Spreading Awareness

My entire collection is 100% vegan and eco-friendly. One of my goals is to spread awareness about the importance of a plant-based lifestyle. My number one priority in life is to fight for a clean environment and animal welfare. I recently devoted a special collection to this. 20% of the gainings from these garments will be invested into helping animal shelters throughout the Netherlands. In addition, 99% of the money I invest on materials goes straight towards charity, by only selecting fabric, vintage and forgotten materials from the goodwill or the salvation army.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my bio and for supporting upcycled fashion. Every step we take is one closer to a cleaner environment and a more compassionate world.


Lucia Flores