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Love, Respect & Compassion for all Life on Earth

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The Bohemian Dream VALUES AND GOALS

Upcycled Vegan & Eco Friendly Fashion

The Bohemian Dream represents love, respect and compassion for all life on earth. Our goal and dream is to make this world a little better by sharing our vision and upcycled designs, clothing with a message, inspiring others to follow. We can contribute by giving new life to what we already have without destroying our planet. Our entire collection and hand making process is 100% vegan & eco friendly!


Our Vegan Mission


Earth is our only home and we should nurture her with all her inhabitants. One of our goals is to spread awareness about the importance of a plant-based lifestyle. A clean environment and animal welfare is our number one priority! We have devoted a special collection to this. 20% of the gainings from these garments will be donated to animal shelters throughout the Netherlands.

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When we look at what is truely sustainable, the only real model that has worked over long periods of time is the natural world.
— Janine Benyus
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